Denture relines & rebasing

Due to age and change in the soft tissue contours, dentures often become loose and poor fitting, a subsequence of which can be cracks or breakage of the denture. Simply repairing the denture does not address the issue and further breakages are inevitable.

By initially using a soft reline material to reline the denture   immediately, a good fit and stability is achieved.

These materials are not long lasting, therefore, after a week or so, to allow the material to stabilise, a stone model is poured into the relined and well-fitting denture. A silicone index is then made over the teeth with location on the model. The set index is removed and the denture is carefully removed from the model and the complete fitting area of the denture trimmed away to leave just the teeth with enough plastic gum around them to hold them together. The teeth are air abraded to clean them and then conditioned with the liquid (Monomer) used when mixed with the powder (Polymer) to make the new base. This ensures a good bond between the old and new plastic. The conditioned teeth are located into the silicone index which has first had an entry and exit hole drilled in each end for pouring in the new plastic and allowing the air in the mould to escape as it fills. The index is accurately seated on the model and sealed in place with fresh silicone. The mould is filled with new plastic and cured in hot water under pressure in a pressure pot. Once set the newly based denture is removed from the mould, trimmed and polished. This is a quick, effective and inexpensive way of extending the life of a denture.

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