Dr R Raja Rayan OBE BDS (Guys) MSc (Eastman) FFGDP RCS (UK) FDS MGDS MRD DRD LDS

I have known Anthony Laurie for over 30 years and I would think that almost every restorative dentist in the United Kingdom knows of him. This is exceptional, as technicians in the U.K. do not generally attract a profile. They are usually the anonymous side of dentistry, but Anthony emerged as a world class technician who has represented excellence in the technical field of restorative dentistry in open forums. He is a household name.

His partnership with the eminent dentist, Dr Michael Wise is legendry. Together, they defined a different dimension for quality in prosthodontics. This takes great determination, talent and many sacrifices.

Anthony introduced the concept of team working with practitioners at a time when most technicians had little or no contact with either dentists or patients except from receiving work through the post. He taught technicians how to attain a level of excellence unknown at the time. He was and continues to be a meticulous, painstaking professional, whose single mindedness is greatly admired.

I am grateful that he has continuously shared his talents with us.

His publication with Michael Wise is one of the finest books of its kind in Dentistry.

His reputation is such that he attracts great respect within the profession and he has significantly raised the stature of his chosen field.

Dr Brian Franks BDS(U.Lond) LDS RCS(ENG) MFGDP(UK) FPFA ACIArb - Former Clinical Director, Dentistry BUPA

I have personally known Anthony Laurie through the dental industry for over 30 years. His technical expertise and understanding of dentistry is well-known in the profession. Since he opened Dental Excellence in the City of London it has been the preferred provider for BUPA’s ‘Platinum” standard technical work.

The quality of the work and the professional service is of the highest standard. Dentists and patients alike have voiced their appreciation of the service provided.

Julie Cook, London June 2018.

Anthony is a brilliant technician! His care and attention to detail is exceptional and the work he did on restoring my smile has increased my confidence 100%. Thank you Anthony. I am so grateful to have found Dental Excellence.

Patrick Hartmann

Text from a card sent to us by a German student, who whilst studying for a degree in Graphic Design at London University worked part time at Dental Excellence. He was a German qualified and exceptionally gifted Dental Technician:

Two years of working at Dental Excellence, finally came to an end. I still remember Nita’s email asking me to come for an interview, opening, for me, the door to a place, where excellence, personal experience, perfection, individuality and culture all melted together to produce a quality which stands out on its own. No one person is as great as all of us. David Ogilvy, who was an advertising genius, used to give someone who was made the head of an office in the Ogilvy and Mather Group, a Russian doll. If they had the curiosity to open it and continue to open it until they came to the smallest part of the doll, they would find this message; ‘If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of Dwarfs, but if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of Giants’. I think this is a statement which can be applied to every business and from my point of view, it was an amazing opportunity for me to work with a bunch of people who formed such a great group of giants.

A philosophy which I like to share, reflected in the place itself and in the work which left the ‘Quality Factory’. During my stay in London this place became a family for me. Working with people who believe in the individual as much as the group, with an eye for innovation and a future orientated approach. Like a wave of freshness, it swept over the dental world. I wish you and Dental Excellence a great and even more successful time in the coming years.

It is a bit sad leaving the stage of action but for now I need to format my brain, but I will keep you updated on what is going on in the crazy world of Patrick