Dental Excellence is proud to be the City of London’s first Dental Technology Centre, prestigiously located in the heart of the business district at No.1 Bow Lane. Founded by one of the profession’s most forward thinking technologists, the centre offers all the advantages of bespoke, high quality, specialist, prosthetic, restorative, implant and digital technologies, together with a state of the art education and training facility.

Our Services

Dental Excellence provides a comprehensive range of services and products.

From being involved in and helping patients decide on the most suitable and appropriate smile, to working in conjunction with their dentist in planning the sequence of treatment necessary to achieve the agreed design and results in a controlled and therefore predictable manner.

All the work is carried out by a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals with expertise in all aspects of dental technology. Whether fixed or removable, tooth or implant supported, a single unit or multiple units, aesthetic or cosmetic, whatever the challenge we apply our best attention to detail and satisfaction every time.

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